Will duct cleaning improve the airflow?

Cleaning air ducts can improve air circulation and quality. Dust, pet hair, dander, and even mold can inadvertently circulate throughout the house if the ducts are extremely dirty. Cleaning the air ducts aims to eliminate build-up and open them for optimal airflow. Yes, cleaning the air ducts reduces dust in the ducts, reducing some of the dust that enters the house.

Most light debris sticks to ventilation walls, but some can break off and enter the house. If dust is allowed to accumulate over time, it is increasingly likely to escape through the vents. With impeccable ventilation walls, you won't have to worry about excess dust ruining your cleaning efforts for a while. Keep in mind that the easier it is for air to flow through air ducts, the easier it will be for the system to get that air into your living spaces.

Often overlooked, air ducts are an essential function of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. While it has many benefits, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Department of State states that there is no evidence to show that cleaning ventilation grilles and ducts improves performance.

The EPA takes a similar stance on the issue and recommends cleaning only if the ducts and the HVAC unit are contaminated. With growing concern about indoor air quality, it's easy to convince homeowners that their ducts need to be cleaned. So, if you want your air conditioning system to continue to operate cost-effectively, it must be a good idea to regularly clean the air ducts to vacuum up dust, right?One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Cincinnati is your local duct cleaning expert, but that's not all. Cleaning properly sealed and installed air ducts is rarely necessary, but if necessary, be sure to hire someone who is experienced and who uses the most current cleaning technology to avoid problems.

Air ducts create airflow throughout the house by sending and returning air to and from the HVAC system. There is no evidence to support the idea that cleaning air ducts prevents health problems or, on its own, makes your HVAC system more efficient. Some homeowners may think that they can clean the ducts themselves with a vacuum cleaner and a long dust brush. The goal of air duct cleaning is to remove debris from all types of ducts and increase airflow.

There is evidence that checking air ducts can help identify specific problems that can help you take steps to keep your HVAC system working efficiently. Home cleaning can also damage ductwork and require repairs that will likely cost more than professional cleaning. Below, you'll find information to help you decide if your home could benefit from cleaning your home's HVAC ducts.

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