What is the benefits of getting your ducts cleaned?

The five main benefits of air duct cleaning create a cleaner living environment. If you're not sure when your air ducts were last cleaned, call (21) 545-1776 to schedule a duct cleaning now and return to a cleaner home. If you suspect that you have a mold problem, either because of visible growth or because of a musty smell that constantly comes out of the supply grilles, cleaning the ducts won't do much good if it doesn't get rid of the mold. If you or someone in your family has asthma or allergies, you may want to consider cleaning your home's heating and air conditioning ducts.

And while the equipment and methods used by duct cleaning companies have changed since these studies were conducted, household air ducts haven't. If you've been delaying cleaning your air ducts, take a look at these six benefits for your home's heating and air conditioning seasons. However, many families choose to clean their ducts once a year because of the unique benefits it brings to their homes, in addition to better indoor air quality. In addition, there is no evidence that a small amount of household dust or other particles in air ducts poses a health risk.

The most likely culprits are the cooling system's evaporator coils, which your heating and air conditioning contractor and most duct cleaning companies can inspect and maintain. A lesser-known benefit of duct cleaning is its ability to reduce persistent odors in the home. In fact, the few independent research conducted on duct cleaning indicates that the process accumulates so much dust that it creates a greater problem than it solves. While duct cleaning operations may insist that duct cleaning is essential to health, the evidence does not support their affirmations.

Once you remove waste from the ducts, air can travel freely, allowing the air conditioning system to operate at maximum efficiency and saving you money. As mentioned before, ducts can collect dust, mold, pollen, and any number of contaminants that reach your home. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) estimates that dirty air ducts circulate air contaminants and contaminants throughout the house five to seven times a day. While there are some benefits to cleaning and maintaining HVAC equipment, those benefits are relatively small, and the low energy waste is attributed to dirty ducts or equipment.

Although not always part of their basic cleaning services, many duct cleaning companies also tend to clean heating and cooling equipment (heat exchangers, cooling coils, condensate drain pans, fan motors, fan blades and fan housings).

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