What are the dangers of not cleaning your dryer vent?

The dryer's vents and ducts collect dryer lint and outdoor waste, such as dirt and grass. You might even have an entire bird's nest in your ducts and don't realize it. The dirt found on the dryer's vents is highly flammable and, combined with the heat produced by the dryer, can cause a fire faster than you imagine. If you have a gas dryer, the clog will cause a dangerous build up of carbon monoxide.

This deadly gas will forcibly enter your home. Remember that you can't see or smell it. Check ventilation at least once a year. The most common and terrifying danger of not cleaning the dryer vents is the risk of a fire breaking out in the house.

Clothes dryers accumulate a lot of lint. They must be cleaned after each wash. The exhaust vent must be cleaned once a year. Otherwise, a fire may occur due to the accumulation of lint that prevents the dryer from extracting hot air. In that case, the unit may overheat and cause flammable materials to catch fire.

At the very least, the appliance could suffer significant damage. If you need a professional dryer or chimney vent cleaning service, contact the Power Vac Duct Cleaning team today. To keep the dryer's fire risk as low as possible, it's best to schedule professional cleaning of the dryer's vents at least once a year. Hot, humid air cannot escape through the vent properly, which means that air is trapped inside the dryer drum and keeps clothes wet for longer than necessary. We don't want to exaggerate, but we've seen enough house fires in Sioux Falls to know that cleaning the dryer vents isn't a task to be taken lightly.

In fact, if you don't schedule a regular duct cleaning service in Sioux Falls, you could face one of the main dangers of clogged dryer vents. A family with four children, for example, may want to clean their dryer vents three times a year. Although you can clean the lint tray with every load, the real danger lies in the dryer's ventilation that leads outside. While there are options you can do yourself to clean the dryer vents, keep in mind that, unless you're a trained specialist, you could create a worse problem if you don't remove all the lint (or, worse, if you compact it more tightly).

Residue from dryer wipes and softener buildup can sometimes clog the mesh, but it's easily cleaned with warm water, soap and a bristle brush. A warm, cozy, and protected dryer vent gives insects, mice, rats and other outdoor critters a safe place to live. When the dryer vent is so full of lint and other debris that heat cannot escape to the outside efficiently, hands are in serious fire danger. To protect you and your loved ones from a potentially dangerous situation, clean that ventilation grille at least once a year. Sioux Falls Carpet Cleaning Brandon Carpet Cleaning Brookings Carpet Cleaning Tea Carpet Cleaning Tea Carpet Cleaning Harrisburg Carpet Cleaning Yankton.

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